Redmi Earbuds 2C

Redmi Earbuds 2C
Redmi Earbuds 2C
Redmi Earbuds 2C
Redmi Earbuds 2C
Redmi Earbuds 2C
Redmi Earbuds 2C
Redmi Earbuds 2C

Redmi Earbuds 2C

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Sold by: Xiaomi Technology India Private Limited

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    Redmi Earbuds 2C
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      What are devices supported by Redmi Earbuds 2C?

      Redmi Earbuds 2C supports all Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows based devices with Bluetooth compatibility.

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      How do I charge these earbuds?

      When the earbuds are placed in the charging case, they will automatically start charging and it takes approximately 1.5 hours for a full charge.

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      How to charge the charging case?

      To charge the case, connect it to a power source through a micro USB cable. The indicator from the case will blink red while charging and turns off when fully charged. Please note that it takes approximately 2 hours for a full charge.

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      How to pair the Redmi Earbuds 2C with a device?

      Remove both earbuds from the charging case simultaneously and wait for 2–3 seconds for the earbuds to automatically connect with each other. Make sure the Bluetooth is enabled on your device. When the indicator of the left or right earbud slowly blinks white, search for "Redmi Earbuds 2C" on your device.

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      How do I switch on/switch off the earbuds?

      Once you open the charging case, the earbuds will automatically turn on. To disconnect the earbuds, place the earbuds back into the charging case and close the lid this will put the earbuds to sleep mode automatically.

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      What button functions are available on the Redmi Earbuds 2C?

      1.Answer/End callsGently press the multi-function button to answer/ end calls.2.Reject a callPress and hold the button for 1 second to reject a call.3.Play/Pause MusicPress the multi-function button to play/pause the music while using the earbuds.4.Turn on voice assistantDouble press the multi-function button to enable the voice assistant while using the earbuds.5.Answer a Second Call/Switch between CallsPress the multi-function button to answer the second incoming call during an ongoing call. Double press the multi-function button to switch between the two calls.6.Switch between Earbuds and DeviceDuring a call, press and hold the multi-function button for 1 second to switch between the earbuds and your phone.7.Mute/UnmuteDouble press the multi-function button to mute/ unmute the earbuds during an ongoing call.

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    Redmi Earbuds 2C

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